I spent all day watching PUA video's on you tube. I'm glad to say that I haven't watched anything yet, that I haven't already covered in the book. I think the major difference between my book and a PUA book is the labeling. PUA books teach men to be aggressively tricky. Being tricky is damn near a synonym for being sleazy. Approach is everything guys. And the approach taught by PUA's is lower in vibration than embracing your power as a man. There is incredible power in honesty. And there is incredible power in the bravery it takes to be honest. So instead of going out to be slick with your intent, try and be more of a man about it. Strength and honor…Honesty and integrity... are all so highly underrated. And being slick won't rid you of your fear…. That she can still smell. 

Jerod ZavistoskiComment