EPISODE 44.) LOVE ROOM - Josh bocanegra - monique vu - bryant castro - april 30th - 2015

44.) Taking dating efficiency to the next level! Imagine moving in with your partner on the first date? Join Jerod Zavistoski and creator of LoveRoom Josh Bocanegro with special guests Monique Vu and Bryant Castro as we weigh in and get both a male and a female perspective on what it would be like to meet up for coffee, and then move right in with each other! 


episode 43.) Health HACKS - logan piette - sarena cowles - Jesse sink - aPRIL 23RD - 2015

43.) The ultimate health hacks! Join Jerod Zavistoski and motivational fitness guru's Logan Jason Piette, Jesse Sink, and Sarena Cowles as they discuss all of the awesome heath and fitness hacks currently available. From Stem Cell Therapy, PRP therapy, HGH, Peptides, and Melanotan to mind over matter, this is a show you won't want to miss!


episode 42.) the modern gentleman - camila banus - lika osipova - zahur lalji - aPRIL 16TH - 2015

42.) What makes up the modern gentleman? What should todays Modern Gentlemen act like? What qualities or strengths should he possess? Find out as Jerod Zavistoski interviews Lika Osipova on her new pageant "the perfect gentlemen," and Emmy nominated actress Camila Banus, and business mogul Zahur Lalji weigh in on the discussion. 



Episode 41.) BDSM - Domina Dahlia - Perish Dignam - aPRIL 9TH - 2015

41.) BDSM - What hell is BDSM and why has it made Fifty Shades Of Grey so popular? Find out as Jerod Zavistoski interviews Domina Dahlia and Perish Dignam on this racey yet incredibly insightful show!



Episode 40.) CONVERSATION - sara dastjani - esha mohanh - morganne leigh - april 2nd - 2015

40.) Ever wondered what to say to a woman? Join Jerod Zavistoski and special guests Actress's and host's Sara Dastjani, Esha Mohanh, and Morganne Leigh as they figure out what's appropriate to say to women and when.