episode 52 - wing women - marni kinrys - sarah chapman - june 25th - 2015

52.) Ever wondered what it would be like to have a female teach you how to get the girl? Check out this awesome show as Jerod Zavistoski and Sarah Chapman interview professional wing woman Marni Kinrys! Learn some interesting tips and some inside info you can only get here! 


episode 51 - bad date moves - matt bolton - sarah chapman - June 18th - 2015

51.) Try not to piss yourself as Jerod Zavistoski, Matt Bolton, and Sarah Chapman recount their worst dating experiences. 


Episode 50 - Emotional clothing - ineska taktak - deisy suarez - jamie fraiche - june 11th - 2015

50.) 90% of guys are emotional about their clothing!  Or is it just guys? Join Jerod Zavistoski, Deisy Suarez and pro models Ineska Taktak and Jamie Fraiche as they uncover the sociological constructs dividing and uniting fashion and identity.



49.) Why do most men get intimidated by intelligent women? Or do they? Find out as Jerod Zavistoski interviews 2014 Playboy Playmate of the year Kennedy Summers, and Model / Photographer Sarah Chapman to find the answers.