November 2014

episode 21.) Overcoming adveristy - JESSE siNK - ian kaflen - brooke haven - nov 27th - 2014

21.) Join Jerod Zavistoski and Sydney Hall with amputee body builder and motivational speaker Jesse Sink, Ian Kalfen head of the GLP Movement (Clothing brand centered on disabled competitors), and the super sexy Brooke Haven, as they cover overcoming adversity. 


Episode 20.) Masculine VS Feminine - Bryan Reeves - Nov 20th - 2014

20.) Join Jerod Zavistoski and Sydney Hall, with blogger of the super viral (500k shares) article "3 sexiest words a man can say to a woman" and man coach Bryan Reeves, as they get down deep into the space between masculinity and femininity. 


Episode 19.) The DIRTY MODEL MOVEMENT- Jonathan Nichols - Nov 13th - 2014

19.) Join Jerod Zavistoski as he welcomes new Co-Host Sydney Hall and they have on Jonathan Nichols Co-founder of the Dirty Model Movement, a homeless outreach program. 


Episode 18.) Male interaction & emotion - Wayne Levine - Nov 6 - 2014

18.) Jerod and Nick part ways, and Jerod has on special guest author of Hold on to your N.U.T.S. and Better Man coach, Wayne Levine as they cover the importance of male interaction and emotional expression.