Coaching for Men and Women


Let me ask you a question... Have you ever seen the movie "Hitch"? That's exactly what this is. I provide dating strategies for men and women to learn what they are missing. This day in age there are a TON of REALLY crappy dating guru's and pickup coaches perpetuating idea's and nonsense they don't even know how to use themselves. You worked hard for your money. I promise to work just as hard for you. I offer a number of different one on one coaching programs, and the best part is...


There's a complete money back guarantee 



For Men


Male Coaching

Learn to be the Modern Male you've always wanted to be. Jerod will show you first hand how to center your speech, body language, and personality to be the perfect Alpha in any room. Learn to charm the pant's off every girl you meet, and win the admiration and respect of all your guy friends. This is an all encompassing hourly rate where you simply get to learn whatever you want! Ask Jerod questions about anything from Fashion to Fitness, from Game to Charm, from Chivalry to Bromancing or if you have one particular girl in mind have Jerod show you how to navigate those waters and land the girl of your dreams. Maybe you're stuck in the friend zone and need help getting out? Jerod will even come to your home and evaluate your decor, wardrobe, and body language in an environment that's comfortable to you. Or get "Styled," and let Jerod show you all the secret spot's to shop in LA, while he teaches you how to dress, where to shop for cheap, and tailors your style to the appropriate wardrobe choice. Don't wait another minute.... schedule an appointment today! 

  • Chivalry

  • Hygiene

  • Grooming

  • Drive

  • Perception

  • Female Psychology

  • Confidence

  • Pitfalls

  • Opening

  • Closing

  • Bromancing

  • Getting out of the friend zone

  • Fashion

  • Fitness

  • Game

  • Sex


Field Training

(4 hours) (can be done in groups)

Let Jerod take you out and show you first hand examples of how to sweep a girl off her feet. Jerod will one on one coach you throughout the evening at the hottest clubs, and bars in Los Angeles. Practical application is key, practice makes perfect, and what better way to practice applying the Methodology of the Modern Male than with the Author himself coaching you through the hangups, and watching to see what you are doing right and what you need to work on? It doesn't get any better than this. (This is also available on a monthly contract which includes two nights a month in a group setting) 


The Real Deal


This is the total package. Spend a full day with Jerod. Get a full fitness lesson, learn confidence training, style training, get a full day of game training, all while Jerod gives you a personal evaluation and you learn the nuances of becoming a Modern Male. Then go out into the field and practice with Jerod at the hottest clubs and bars in LA. 


Real time training


This one kind of rocks.

Spend Day One learning the in depth core of your confidence. Learn how to use your body language, speak properly, and find your inner Alpha. Learn how to Bromance like a champ, and make any guy your best friend. This isn't a seminar where you sit and listen for 12 hours, this is a seminar where you listen WHILE you practice the techniques.

Day two is an entire day devoted to fashion, fitness, and grooming... Learn what to wear, what not to wear and WHY. Learn to accentuate your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Then learn the shortcuts to fitness. Learn how to look great with minimal effort. And grooming... Jerod will give each person an evaluation on what they need to fix, and teach them how to do it.

Day Three.... Are you ready? You guys will spend an entire day practicing your best game on real models all day! There's no better way to get over your insecurity than by spending all day learning to be comfortable with gorgeous women. Practice your game on the hottest women in Los Angeles and get REAL TIME EVALUATIONS on how you did.  And who knows... If you're game is good enough... You may just get lucky ;) *Subject to availability. These events are held quarterly. Monthly Payments are available for those who qualify.


The ALPHA Male

(5 days) 

Join Jerod over the course of a week and go to war... This is the most badass experience you'll ever have. Spend 5 days with Jerod in a real swat team boot camp. Learn two tiers of hand to hand combat, two tiers of pistol course, two tiers of sniper course and two tiers of carbine training. That's right... You get to fire a machine gun! All your terminator fantasies come alive! But that's not all. Do a full week of Muay Thai training with a two time world champion. Learn to fight like Ong Bak while learning how to shoot like a pro. Then Jerod will personally show you how to Alpha other male's in real time. Sometimes after you go through a self development process the people around you will want to keep you where you were. In a safer, less threatening "box." Jerod will teach you how to correct those relationships and become the Alpha Male you were born to be. After you're through with this course you'll be A TRUE MODERN MALE. *Subject to availability. These events are held quarterly. Monthly Payments are available for those who qualify.



Include's the REAL DEAL, REAL TIME TRAINING, and ALPHA MALE all for one low price.


(Monthly payments available for those who qualify)


For Men and Women


Relationship Coaching

(One or two people)

Is your relationship stuck in a rut? Can't figure out how to connect with your partner? Are curious as to why? Let Jerod sit down with you and your partner and help you figure out what's REALLY going on. Jerod describes his ability to help couples see the REAL problem as "damn near psychic." With Jerod's ability to quickly read people, and a deep knowledge of human psychology, he's able to not only identify the problem but also motivate each individual to fix it. This is a very popular option for women who want to get a point across to their stubborn male counterparts, but can't seem to get through to them. Jerod understands the complex dynamic between men and women, and understands how to communicate her feelings in a way that he will understand. It doesn't get any easier than that! It's like having a relationship lawyer go to bat for you!  Jerod has coached hundreds of couples into happier healthier relationships, try him out today! (Please note: Jerod does relationship work for gay couples as well)


Win my ex back!

This is actually one of Jerod's most popular programs. Almost 90% of the time he gets frantic clients on the phone who've tried everything but lost the love of their life. By the time they call Jerod, they've dug a hole so deep they can't see out of it. To add insult to injury many of these clients call Jerod after a laundry list of other coaches have completely failed in helping them. Thankfully Jerod is always the last stop. Jerod has had repeated success at helping men develop strategies to win their ex's back.


Just for the Ladies


Modern Woman Coaching


Since before Methodology of the Modern Male was even published Jerod was asked again and again when he was going to write the female version. Jerod offers Modern Woman coaching for women of all ages, on what it takes to be a more attractive female. Take it from the guy who teaches men how build their attraction level based on what women want, that the same principle is even easier to apply when it comes to women. Jerod will teach you how to seduce any man you want, how to build your confidence, how to rid yourself of your insecurity, the dynamics of affection, how to feel good about yourself regardless of your looks, how to communicate with men so they do EXACTLY what you want, how to train your boyfriend into a modern gentlemen, how to keep a man from cheating on you, how to keep him guessing so he's always on his toes, how to make him jealous and avoid the fight, and what to do in the bedroom to make sure you have him under lock and key as long as you want him there. Learn the male psychology and get the REAL DIRT on men, no man would ever tell you. Welcome to Methodology of The Modern Woman.