May 2016

How much does language matter? Do women find a lack of profanity attractive? Join Jerod Zavistoski and Leah Pelka with special guest Granny Potty Mouth for an exciting show of love and F-bombs!.
So what do the laws of attraction, esther hicks, the secret, and guru's have to do with dating? Find out on this episode of Modern Male Radio with Jerod Zavistoski and Sarah Beth Harris.
What's it like dating as an internationally famous child star? Join Jerod Zavistoski, Leah Pelka, and Sarah Chapman with special guest Actor / Rapper / Entrepreneur Khleo Thomas, as they discuss what it was like growing up in the lime light and how that effected his dating experience.
Want some tips on how to dress like a gentleman? Join Jerod Zavistoski and Leah Pelka with special guests, founder of The Modern Gentleman, Ashley Shreve, and founder of Modern Gentlemen's Style, Lemar Joichin for a special show on dressing your best.