We offer keynote presentations for corporate events, private events, and colleges. Any of our content can be tailored to meet a specific theme in the way you'd prefer it be delivered. 

The way I got good with women was being smart enough to ask them what they wanted and being flexible enough to implement it. I’ve applied that concept and approach to all areas of my life.
— Jerod Zavistoski

Confidence - One of the things most men struggle with is confidence. Let me show you how to turn that back around. 

Drive - Find out how to create a lasting drive within you to take on life challenges and meet your destiny head on. 

Women - The opposite sex can be a paradox for some men. It doesn't have to be. 

Self Analysis - How to negotiate an honest answer and get a real idea of where you stand.

Grooming- Making a man look edible. 

Pitfalls - Dealing with insecurity, being self aware, and self deprecation.

Tools - Developing charm, edge, and learning how to Bromance. 

Fashion - Learn how to take your style to the next level. 

Fitness - Develop the body you've always wanted in half the time. Learn the secrets and shortcuts. 

Getting the Girl - From approach, to closing the deal, and from flirting to sex, we've got the bases covered. 


Constructing Corporate Confidence

Have the best looking, most well mannered, confident, charming, likable sales staff in the industry. 

Confidence - How to maintain better relationships with your peers in the workplace.

Drive - Putting a new spin on achievemnt within the workplace. It's not just for the workplace.  

Self Analysis - Learning how to negotiate an honest answer from peers as to how you come off to produce better social cohesion within the company.

 Bromanicing - For sales training building rapport is one of the most valuable assets you can have. Learn to train your sales staff at being more likable than the product they sell and maintain an excellent reputation in the market place. 


Sexual Harrassment - You like a co-worker… What do you do? 

Chivalry For Business - Treating co-workers and business clients with the proper respect and etiquette. 

Charm - Applying charm to a business environment. Learn to make the sale and leave people smiling. 

Fashion - What style says about you, and how to make a suit and tie less intimidating. 

Grooming - Have your team be the best kept team in the industry. 

Ego - Dissolving pride and ego to make your sales staff, and corporate workers much more approachable. 


A great addition to any fraternity, sorority, or college speaking event. 

Jerod can be booked for 1-2 hours for a keynote speaking engagement. 

We also offer full 1-2 day training seminars where we cover the dynamics of the Methodology of the Modern Male and do hands on training in real time. 

All of our events or speaking engagements can be tailored for men, men and women, or just women. 

Confidence - Finding true confidence as a young man or women and avoid overcompensating. 

Drive - Staying on track and focused in a party environment. 

Dating - How to approach the opposite sex and understand the evolving dynamics of dating as you both grow through school. Taking your girl out on little to no budget. Creative ideas that are sure to wow her. 

Self Analysis - How to negotiate an honest answer and get a real idea of where you stand. Learn how to separate that from your identity and become more open to refinement. 

Grooming- Hygiene standards are massively important. Look like something the opposite sex whats to eat. 

Pitfalls - Dealing with insecurity, self awareness, self deprecation, and self esteem. 

Tools - Developing charming, edge, and learning how to bromance. 

Fashion - Dress to kill on a shoe string budget. Dress to get the girl you want. The importance of dressing sophisticated over dressing loud. 

Fitness - When to start working out, and when to stop working out. How to eat right on a budget. 

Getting the Girl - From approach, to closing the deal, and from flirting to sex, we've got the bases covered. 

Sex - All the tips and tricks of the trade to make sure you leave a lasting impression. 



How to train your boyfriend! 

We do speaking events for women on how to communicate the Methodology of the Modern Male to your man. 

- Note… Methodology of the Modern Woman will be available soon, but if you'd like to get a jump on the competition we offer a combined training teaching girls and women how to be more attractive to men, how to avoid advances in the workplace, and how to create lasting self esteem and allure. 

 Communication - How to speak in a language men understand.

Confidence - How to lead you man into becoming more confident. 

Drive - Creating a fire inside your man to achieve success. 

Attraction - What men want and how to become more attractive to your man, or get the man you want. 

Dating - Teach your man right from the start. Teaching him proper courtship and etiquette. 

Chivalry - Train him to be your prince charming. No lady should be opening her own doors. 

Fitness - Properly communicating what you want to see without saying a word. 

Fashion - Learn how to get your man past his resitance for better fashion.