The word "Cocky" get's thrown in my direction every so often. I'd like to take some time to re-define that. 

I think when you're certain about something other people can be certain of they don't perceive it as cocky. If you said "I can walk upright" you'd get "Yeah I can too." But when you're certain of something most people struggle with… "I can get that girl," or "I can help you achieve personal excellence." becomes "cocky" to them. Because to them… It's an area they don't even know how to approach, let alone become certain about. That's why I wrote this book. To expose the fact that you CAN become certain about the opposite sex and self development. That might seem like a bold claim… But I'm only "cocky" to the people who haven't read it yet. The people who got a sneak peak said "Holy shit I can't believe a guy wrote this!" So for those of you who who assume that the stuff in this book is subjective I'd say read it first and tell me if you still think it's subjective. 

To assume this is some misogynistic take on women is to ASSUME wrong. It's quite the opposite. This book tell guys how to get it right with women based on what THEY want. This is a very bold step toward challenging the ideologies and habits of men. I'm not a player. I'm not a pick up artist. I don't seduce people. I put A LOT OF TIME into learning what women liked and how they want it. I put even more time in translating that information to men. 

So when people say "You're cocky" 

I respond with "No, I just put a lot of work into and area you neglected and now I'm really fucking good at it." 


Jerod ZavistoskiComment