Updates on success

Funny... It seems to me that I've lived with a false assumption about success. It's always so easy to regard ones self and ones work in such a high fashion. And even though it has been well received... It seems that instant success won't be that easy. "If you build it they will come" right? Well I forgot that was a movie. It was fiction. It was a feel good idea someone cooked up to tell a story, that was not congruent with reality. Because the reality is... If you build it... You may get a couple likes on Facebook. Most of your friends won't buy or read your book. Most of the people you know in fact, will casually brush past it while scrolling through their news feed, maybe sending a "like" as though the nine months of blood sweat and tears you poured into writing this book was a funny doggy GIF or a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio cheers-ing to some cocky remark. Because that's all your work is to some people... A funny note on their news feed.

But despair and self pity don't really "fit" into the image I have for my life. I've never been big on laying down and giving up. So a dire question has forced me to start searching for an answer... 

"How do I sell my book?

Sifting through the internet I found quite a few viable resources. Things like affiliate marketing, which I confess, I have yet to figure out.  Things like you Youtube channels, landing pages, and blog posts with free content to try and secure something as trivial as an email... in the hopes that one day, someone might buy my book. 

But I must confess I woke with some inspiration this morning when I found out that Paulo Coelho actually spent several years trying to get published without success. Many authors have been in the same boat. So while I work diligently at selling my book, I will have to keep working at my direct sales platforms. 

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