I would caution that this is not a facet of the pick up artist community. Methodology of the Modern Male is a guide to understanding how and why to be a Modern Male. It was very hard for me growing up to understand why women were the way they were and how to interact with them. I've now outlined a set of methods or a Methodology on how to improve yourself as a man. When I began writing this book I wrote it simply because I was tired of explaining it to my friends. As I was writing I let any girl I knew verify the facts. They were indeed facts, as the overwhelming response I got from women was "I would buy this book for every guy I know." Men asking other men how to get women is an ok strategy. But why not go to the source? I've developed a guide on what every woman wants in a man, by asking women. And don't worry, this isn't going to make you a spineless pushover fellas. No girl wants that. I simply shed light on all the millimeter mistakes guys and girls make, and how to appropriately calibrate so that you can sweep her off her feet and carry her off in style.