Methodology of the Modern Male is veritably one of a kind in it’s genre. A large commonality in dating literature is an overwhelming masculine or feminine voice. Even though the reader searched for enlightenment concerning the opposite sex, the bias of the author fuels the fire that is the communication gap between genders. This book is the bridge. The author’s charming yet irreverent style enables the reader to embrace their masculinity and better understand femininity in the same breadth. It is something I have yet to see in this medium... until now! It is worth a read for both men and women as well.
— Annalisa Amazon user
This book is the ONLY BOOK you should read on DATING. A smart man knows he needs improvement and seeks it. Look no further gentlemen
— Andrew Farrell Amazon user
I started reading this book a few days ago... I must admit I was skeptical coming from a woman. However, I have to stop trying to pick the authors brain and sit back and laugh. Every question and/or thought I have in the back of my savvy mind.... he comes up with the answer as if he is literally reading my mind while reading. I find myself fascinated with his images, quotes, dedication and most importantly he thinks almost the same way I do. Really... the muscle head! LOL I really got a kick out his quirks.

I highly recommend reading this book!
— KAY KAY LADEE (amazon user)


Methodology of the Modern Male


At the end of the day... I hate reading long-winded repetitive novels on ANYTHING. Let alone on dating. I designed this book for men. It's simple. It's to the point. It's funny and entertaining. It's also illustrated. But the information is solid. Any guy from any walk of life can learn something from this book. It will make your dating experience a thousand times easier. I've given readers all of the shortcuts with none of the over complicated BS. Need to lose a little weight? Take it from a closeted fat kid who hates working out. I can definitely show you the shortcuts. Need to learn some fashion tips? I hate shopping as much as the next guy. Let me show you some simple do's and dont's to make every girl you meet drool all over you. Want to learn how to make a girl swoon at your feet? Yep, I got you covered. Some guys have a little to a lot of this stuff down but very few have it all down pat. That's what this book is, a complete guide to being The Modern Male." - Jerod Zavistoski


Modern Male Radio is a free internet podcast on Men's development and dating. It's a follow up to Jerod's book, allowing him to cover examples from the book in more depth, and also expound upon current issues. The show is unique in that Jerod brings women on the show to get their take on what really works in the dating game.


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