Jerod, I want to take this time to genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Meeting and listening to all your advice to help me to WIN BACK MY WIFE that had left me, and all the advice you gave me to better myself and become the man I never thought I could be, has really been a life changing experience.

I was extremely heartbroken and depressed and quite frankly at the lowest point in my life after my wife leaving. You helped me tremendously with all your advice, but above all to give me the motivation to keep fighting and staying in the fight when I thought all hope was lost. It was 2 of the hardest months ever because my wife really fight hard against me. But I’ll always remember what you said to me during a text:

”If you lose, then go out knowing that you did everything. And lose knowing you may not have lost. It’s always darkest before the dawn. And many have pulled a win after they believed all hope was gone”.

There was no truer statement. Seriously thank you so damn much for being there for me at my darkest times when I even felt like ending my life.

Soon my wife and I will see you to truly fix our issues.

I still don’t know how fate led me to you, but I thank God or fate or whomever for finding you and you being able to help me.

To whoever is thinking of seeing or doubting Jerod Zavistoski’s abilities or coaching... DON’T! HE IS THE REAL THING. THE BEST RELATIONSHIP/LIFE COACH in Los Angeles.
— Nevin Siders
I just want to say thank you to this man. I was so lost and desperate. My relationship was already over and I really just needed someone to talk to for advice and insight. Not only does Jerod’s approach serve as a full on lifeguard in saving an already drowning relationship but also a coach in how to sustain the spark that makes a that fire burn for yourself and your partner. Thank you so much!!
— Alex Harvey
Jerod Zavistoski has an insightful, sensitive, yet humorous approach to life skills and relationships. He accurately dissects the issues surrounding modern masculinity. I recommend his book, his seminars, and his life coaching. His advice has literally resulted in greater income in my profession life, and greater happiness in my personal life. You only have one life. Jerod will help you get the most out of it!
— Thor Wixom


MY PROgrams

I do three kinds of coaching.

  1. I help men become more attractive, magnetic and appealing to the opposite sex.
  2. I help men win their ex's back
  3. I help men overcome their fear and regain their confidence.


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About Me


Believe it or not, I used to be terribly awkward with women. Not just women, life in general.

I always swore I'd take this picture to the grave. But here it is. I hope you appreciate this...


So what happened? Well I overcame some really traumatic circumstances in my life and I was forced to create a very keen perspective on how I interacted with people. This led to a fascination with social dynamics.

It wasn't until many years later when I was in room full of people making jokes that I must've always been so good with people that I realized I had done a very good job on myself. In fact no one even believed that I was ever awkward with women. In order to prove myself I basically broke down all of the stuff I did to get to where I wanted to be. And as it turned out, I was on par with some of the top dating coaches in the world.


Long story short, people began asking for my advice, and much to my surprise at the time, it always worked. That inspired me to write a book and build a coaching program.


And here we are today... I love helping people. I'm good at it, and I'm funny. I deeply enjoy what I do and I make every session personal. Your life and success are important to me. I'll make sure you get there.


Women's Coaching

I do coach women. I will be launching a whole brand behind this, but until that time I'm happy to help you with whatever you're struggling with. I coach women in these areas: 

  1. Self Confidence
  2. Self Esteem
  3. Finding your purpose
  4. Motivation
  5. Constructive Feedback
  6. Getting the guy you want
  7. How to attract the right men
  8. Existing relationships
  9. How to date and not get hurt