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www.methodologyofthemodernmale.com Jerod Zavistoski Expert Dating Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author of the international bestseller "Methodology of the Modern Male" and host of Modern Male Radio is interviewed on the importance of good fashion. Jerod has been called the "Hitch of LA" You find more Videos on the channel, or visit Methodologyofthemodernmale.com

Sam Hassan and Charolette Broadbent interview International Bestselling Author of Methodology of the Modern Male, Jerod Zavistoski and author of the International Bestseller Dominating Your Market, Zak Jezek on their background, creating Methodology of the Modern Male, and their partnership at Innovative Awareness, and Distinct Press. 

Jordan Goodman interview Jerod Zavistoski on his debut radio appearance during his book release of Methodology of the Modern Male.

James Bartholet discusses Methodology of the Modern Male with it's author Jerod Zavistoski, and foreword authors, Michelle Maylene, Brooke Haven, and Sarah Jessie. 

Michelle Maylene, Brooke Haven to Talk 'Methodology of the Modern Male'
Adult film stars Michelle Maylene, Brooke Haven and Sarah Jessie each contributed to the foreword of a new book by Jerod Zavistoski called “Methodology of the Modern Male.”