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Whether you are a man seeking to get better with the opposite sex, or a women looking for some insight, I believe I can help. Through a long process of trial, error and market analysis I’ve formulated this book to help males become more modern in their mode of thought. I’ve developed a Methodology of the Modern Male. A series of all the areas a male can develop himself to become more attractive to women. This is an all-encompassing guide to help master the problem areas men encounter when trying to interact with women. This book, through humor and metaphor will teach you how to become the new archetypal Male. A male with the freedom to dress, groom, and behave as removed of social constructs, and only adherent to the truth of what women seek. Taking the best qualities and attributes a man can possess from every social dynamic and sub-archetype and integrating their understanding with undeniable logic, this book will teach you how to become the one true archetype. 








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Methodology of the Modern Male
By Jerod Zavistoski

“Brilliantly witty, and thought provoking....I love Jerod's no holds barred, no bullshit approach to the truth about what women really do look for in men. All while trying to teach men to shed their vapid, vacant "Pick up artist/douchebag" habits and transform themselves into a modern male....and not just for women, I truly believe that modern men of this caliber are the leading successors of the planet. They succeed in business because everyone wants to work with them and they succeed in life because it's what they attract and manifest! As a successful woman myself with a lot to offer a man; THIS is the type of man I look for in a serious partner and lover...  He hits on salient aspects of what is usually ignored by men as far as what women really want, and what they are attracted to...This book had me laughing out loud at times about all of the funny comparisons and thoughtful visuals he gave readers as well...... A must read!!! In fact....Jerod, I'd like you to order 50 of these just for me so that I may distribute them to my male friends stat !!!!

- Michelle Maylene

"I couldn’t have imagined the knowledge in the pages of this book came from a man!!! If your part of the male species this book is a must read!!!!!!"        

     - Brooke Haven                          

Methodology of the Modern Male is veritably one of a kind in it’s genre. A large commonality in dating literature is an overwhelming masculine or feminine voice. Even though the reader searched for enlightenment concerning the opposite sex, the bias of the author fuels the fire that is the communication gap between genders. This book is the bridge. The author’s charming yet irreverent style enables the reader to embrace their masculinity and better understand femininity in the same breadth. It is something I have yet to see in this medium... until now! It is worth a read for both men and women as well.
— Annalisa - Via Amazon
How do you get the woman of your dreams? In Methodology of the modern Male, Jerod Zavistoski tells us how. It’s not about knowing the perfect pickup line, and it’s not about becoming a “player.” Getting the woman you want starts with becoming the best version of “you” that you can be. Get your body into shape. Get rid of your slacker clothes and dress sharp. Get your confidence going. Use your manners. Learn how to converse with a woman and keep her attention with your playful manly attitude. This isn’t rocket science, guys. But this book has everything you need to become the man that SHE dreams about. If you follow this advice, you WILL get the girl.
— Randall D. Schultz, Author

Yo Jerod I like the way you convey your emotions, the way that you view things, the way that women see men, and your attitude toward it is pretty dope like “I don’t give a damn what you think.” This book should help a lot of men out.
— Bryan Lilllard

"Being a modern male is much more than a title, it's a science and Jerod proves that. He really hit the nail on the head with Methodology of a Modern Male. It's a great guide that provides appropriate insight to get your ass off your couch and get excited to meet and approach woman. Read EVERY page! He covers it all from A to Z."

- Nick Hawk - Star of showtimes Gigolos

"If you're a guy, then this book is for you!  In this clever guide, The Methodology of the Modern Male, Jerod Zavistoski, shows men how in the dark they actually are about women, hygiene, sense of style, chivalry, confidence, communication and even sex!  It is hilarious and blunt and very worth your while! I am so grateful a guy finally stepped up to the plate to let men know if you want a better woman, you need to be a better Man!!  Well said Jerod. Thank you! His new insight and wisdom might actually change generations to come by preparing all men before they get into another failed relationship! The secrets you guys never knew, a must read for every guy! "

   - Tina Jordan 

Every question and/or thought I have in the back of my savvy mind... he comes up with the answer as if he is literally reading my mind while reading. I find myself fascinated with his images, quotes, dedication and most importantly he thinks the same way I do. Really...?? “The muscle head!?” LOL! I really got a kick out of his quirks. I highly recommend this book!
— Karen Swain - Via Amazon
This book is a great read! Not only was I able to learn from it, but my man was able to take notes and become a better bf and person
— Brittinae Bell - Via Amazon

"What I found interesting is that Jerod's methodology of the Modern Male, isn't associated with being a player or pick up artist but he has actually taken an interest in learning what girls like and how they want to be treated without the games, egos or insecurities that might get in the way. This is a simple and to the point must read for any guy who is lost or confused when it comes to women, Jerod targets all the common sense mistakes that guys can make. Finally someone who gets it and puts it all out there!!"

        - Sarah Jessie

This book is awesome. Jerod goes through what it takes to become an all around great guy in todays world. This book is great for men of all levels and walks of life. The book is well put together in how to communicate what it takes to become a cool, charismatic man. From the illustrations to the language of the book, everything you need is right there for you to do a life overhaul and start becoming not only successful with women and dating, but with everything else in your life. Jerod also brings in great examples and other views from different people and sources. This is such a great guide at communicating how to be and think as a cool man. There’s also a radio show every Thursday that Jerod hosts that you can tune into. All around awesome book and I can’t wait to pick up some more books from this author.
— David - Via Amazon
As a female in her 30’s I have often shared stories with my girlfriends about our adventures in dating. This book pleasantly surprised me. It was written for males but unlike other books it did not promote “Game Playing.” In fact it offers useful information on how to improve yourself as a man, as a friend and as a potential lover. More than that, it is funny and clearly written! It’s on my coffee table right now. I highly recommend it.
— Irene Lambiris - Via Amazon
This book is the ONLY BOOK you should read on DATING. A smart man knows he needs improvement and seeks it. Look no further gentlemen
— Andrew Farrell - Via Amazon