Right now you want to know three things…

                                                                                    Who am I?

                                                                                                                What have I got for you?

                                                                                                                                               Why should you care? 

I'm going to make this simple since you don't have all day to sift through fluffy superficial content. 

I am a Modern Male.

I've designed a Methodology for you to follow to become the best man you can be. 

Would you prefer to stay the way you are? You wouldn't be here if that were true.

Enough is enough. Are you done with the bullshit? Are you done playing the statistics game with dating? Are you looking for the secret key to understanding women?


Look no further


Methodology of the Modern Male is a collection of areas men can work on with clear instructions as to how they can advance their chances of being more attractive to the opposite sex. This isn't a book on how to pick up chicks. This is a book on how you can transform yourself into the most attractive man you can be. After you're done with that transformation, you won't have to pick up another girl as long as you live.


They will come to you




100 % Returnable

300 pages of content

150 illustrations and diagrams

PDF format for easy reading on all your devices

Whether you are a man seeking to get better with the opposite sex, or a women looking for some insight, I believe I can help. Through a long process of trial, error and market analysis I’ve formulated this book to help males become more modern in their mode of thought. I’ve developed a Methodology of the Modern Male. A series of all the areas a male can develop himself to become more attractive to women. This is an all-encompassing guide to help master the problem areas men encounter when trying to interact with women. This book, through humor and metaphor will teach you how to become the new archetypal Male. A male with the freedom to dress, groom, and behave as removed of social constructs, and only adherent to the truth of what women seek. Taking the best qualities and attributes a man can possess from every social dynamic and sub-archetype and integrating their understanding with undeniable logic, this book will teach you how to become the one true archetype. 

The Modern Prince Charming


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