Meet Jerod Zavistoski

LA's Top Dating Coach

Modern Male coaching is for anyone looking to build a little extra confidence, get a little better with women, or those looking to put their fear behind them. Jerod covers everything from fashion to fitness, from approach anxiety to regaining your confidence. Jerod's program is unique in that most of the advice and training methods come from women. This is a coach that's woman tested, mother approved. Jerod has managed to crack the code on dating, and provides a program for men of all ages to follow with ease. This is this first dating coach for men, that women have enthusiastically rallied behind. Jerod will teach you how to become what you've always wanted to be: A magnetic, confident, masculine man, with the integrity and heart that will win over any woman you desire.

Jerod Zavistoski is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Radio Host and Entertainer. Jerod is the Author of Methodology of the Modern Male, "A modern males guide to personal excellence." This raw, real, and relevant guide to dating has been very well received by both men and women. Jerod also has a follow up radio show called Modern Male Radio where he brings on guests to test the dating advice he gives.



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Drop me a line and let me know what I can help you with. I have a 90% success rate.

Jerod Zavistoski is the Author of Methodology of The Modern Male and host of Modern Male Radio.